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Jim · Henson's · The · Storyteller

Join me by the fire...

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I made one!

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For more bars, please visit my layout site: flutter_designs!

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First off, an amazing idea for a community! I have both DVD sets: the original and the Greek myths one. John Hurt is SO adorable in the Storyteller make-up.

Secondly, have any of you seen copies/computer files/whatever of the mermaid Storyteller that was part of the Jim Henson Hour??? I have been trying to find it for AGES.

I think I need to make a Storyteller colourbar now. Hehehehehe.

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When people told themselves their past with stories,
Explained their present with stories,
Foretold the future with stories,
The best place by the fire was kept for
The Storyteller

This community is dedicated to Jim Henson's The Storyteller. I would just like to welcome you and hope you find a comfortable spot by the fire. Please use this community to share your views of this great TV series :)
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