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Begins with 'Hello'

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I'm ever so new to this community - I joined last night and now am posting (because NOW I'm actually awake enough to do so), but I adore The Storyteller, I've got the box set with the Greek Myth version too - but The Storyteller is by far my favorite. It's like hearing them told PROPERLY, the narration is wonderful and not obnoxious like some other 'kids' shows (or this post. *blush*).

I wish they had special features on the disk. I mean - does anyone wish that they got to hear how the moon became round? Got to have a good look at his jacket? I always wanted to see what else was on his jacket aside the soldier's emblem. What else would they have on it do you think? A map embroidered on the hem maybe?

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On May 9th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC), fluffy_tevs commented:
Hello :) Yay, another member! I'm so pleased that you have decided to join us. We are currently a small and quiet community, but we need new people to spark off interesting discussions and remind us of how GREAT The Storyteller is.

I agree with your comments. The way that Anthony Minghella and John Hurt/Michael Gambon bring the stories to life through narration is wonderful, and rarely found elsewhere. "Jackanory" and Tony Robinson's TV stories have tried to do it, but it doesn't quite have the same effect.

I would love to have seen some special features. The closest I got was a leaflet inside the DVD about how they made the series - just a regular small leaflet, and I think I've lost that now. I would have loved audio commentaries, a making of feature, definately some talk about the costuming and puppetry. It's a shame that any other releases of The Storyteller are unlikely to happen now. :(
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On May 10th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC), thirteenthgrace replied:
I'd love a little documentary and out-takes and stuff...much like the new DVD of Labyrinth has, with sorta funny bits at the very end. I'd love that. If only it were as big as Labyrinth we could sit and wait for the annivesary edition or some such. *pouts* Or even have little collectables.

Such a pity you lost the pamphlet - though good for you, otherwise you'd have me begging you for a scan! :p
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